Sharing with you the images from the Saturday’s conversation ‘Wilderness: from being an obstacle to a new way of thinking’ curated by artist Antonio Irre.

The guests were invited to reflect on what is Nature and Wilderness, and how can we design for unpredictability and complex systems.

As it was noted by professor Piero Dominici, to design for a complex system means to introduce a contradiction in terms, while professor Annalisa Metta showcased some examples of how, in landscape architecture, we can create possibilities for a growth instead of planting specific flora.

Special thanks to our guests:

Caterina Benincasa, curator of the European Commission JRC Art&Science program

Professor Annalisa Metta, architect and researcher Professor Piero Dominici, sociologist and philosopher

Skills Production, Video
Client Uzbekistan National Pavilion - 59. Biennale Arte di Venezia