The development of digital art and the online art space are tightly interlinked with the technological innovations of their times.
This panel discussion explored how the sudden growth of online art spaces transforms the representation of identity and body in the networked space of appearance.

Conversation with
Andrea Baronchelli, Economic Data Science theme lead at The Alan Turing Institute, co-writer of “Mapping the NFT revolution” (2021);
Domenico Quaranta, Art critic, curator and educator, author of “Surfing with Satoshi” (2021);
Maria Paula Fernandez, Co-founder at and the Department of Decentralization;
Ryder Ripps, Conceptual artist and creative director, now also known for RR/BAYC and The Million Dollar Homepage.

Moderated by
Giacomo Scandolara, Giga Design Studio
Silvia dal Dosso, Giga Design Studio

Skills Production, Video
Client Uzbekistan National Pavilion - 59. Biennale Arte di Venezia